Hey you,

I'm glad you found me. It feels incredible to be seen. My name is Becca.

I'm here to teach you how to:

  • connect with, integrate, love, and express your whole flippin' self.
  • understand more concretely your body and its messages - the noisy and the quiet ones.
  • treat yourself and your body like the powerful, badass, incredible being you both are.
  • access the sensations and feelings you want to experience being in your body.
  • use the sensations, feelings, and experiences you don't want as fuel for more self-love and acceptance.
  • remember your source of worth, love, and validity is within.
  • identify, claim, and execute your deepest desires.
  • recognize and accept your greatness.
  • embody self-care as an attitude and way of life.
  • come into deeper harmony with your body and self.
  • love yourself from the inside out.

I was teaching mathematics when I realized this was the content I was meant to teach instead. At the end of that school year, I left the classroom because I knew I couldn't not teach this. It was too big.

All of my experiences, all of my training, and all of my expertise come together to completely support you in your relationship with your body and self. How the heck did I go from teaching math to teaching whole body love? Read more about me, what I do, and how I do it here. You can connect with me on social media and other ways here.

I love teaching. I love this content. And I love you. I'm fully honored to get the opportunity to teach you. There are lots of settings and opportunities to learn this content.

Do you want to learn from me? Do you think you might want to learn from me? Fill out this form now to schedule your complimentary intro session.


If not now, then when? When would be a better time to learn how to love your body and yourself more? When's a better time to start a radically life-changing, toward everything you want, journey?

Time is now. Fill out this form and let's talk.


I excited to meet you.

Loving you with my whole body,