About Me

an image of Becca close up. She's wearing red lipstick that is smudged, a bright purple blue blazer with matching hoop earrings. She has buzzed short hair and a fierce look on her face.Hey – I’m Becca and I’m here to teach you whole body and self love, acceptance, and expression.

Don’t learn from me if you don’t want to experience your whole incredible self with a deeply devoted and loving attitude. Don’t learn from me if you don’t want to see yourself really honestly and compassionately. Don’t learn from me if you don’t want to actualize and embody your whole freaking incredibly magnificent self.

Do learn from me if you’re ready for all that.

My approach to this content is holistic. I call upon all of my knowledge, expertise, and experiences to support you in turning inward with a deeply compassionate and loving attitude. I integrate my experiences learning and practicing Eastern spirituality as a young child and teen, years of teaching and studying mathematics, formal training in education, decades of whole body self-hate/shame, and the tools and know how to experience whole body self-love and acceptance instead. I’m constantly learning, growing, and hiring my own support systems so I can support you even more fully.

My coaching programs, groups, and workshops are uniquely crafted to support you in cultivating the intimate relationship you have with yourself, your body, and everything and everyone else.

I provide you with a sturdy container to greet yourself completely and authentically. You will experience a space where you are totally accepted and welcomed as who you are. In this space, you will learn concrete ways to look yourself in the mirror with sweetness and kindess. You’ll become aware of when and how you beat yourself up and learn how to welcome yourself with grace.

There’s lots more to say. Connect with me to know more.

Ready to be seen intimately by me? I want to know you more.

Fill out this form here to schedule your complimentary, private introductory session. The purpose of this call is for both of us to get to know you more fully and what is next for you in developing your personal relationship.

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Becca has a gift for teaching you how to give yourself permission to accept your own power without apology. When the many facets of life have taught you to shy away from who you are and what you are capable of, sometimes it takes someone special to take you by the shoulders, point you at a mirror, and clear the fog from your eyes.

Becca is an abundantly special individual.”